About Us

At ABSCO, we take pride in our ability to navigate complexities and offer unparalleled business consulting solutions to meet client’s unique needs.

We are dedicated to building a dynamic marketplace that embraces diversity, innovation, and sustainable growth.

Join us in shaping a future where businesses seamlessly navigate the global-local interface, unlocking opportunities for success.

ABSCO; KSA's Leading Business Expansion Platform


Our Story

Our journey is woven into Saudi Arabia’s transformation, shaping economic, social, and cultural initiatives. With a nuanced understanding of the landscape, we guide clients through evolving regulations with reliable government relations services. Actively engaged in groundbreaking projects, our futuristic city initiative combines innovation and sustainability. As a key player in Vision 2030, we foster economic growth through global investments, innovation, and partnerships that elevate your businesses to new realms of prosperity.

What we believe in?

Our Principles


We are mission-driven and goal-oriented. To meet the business, economic, or growth objectives of our clients and partners, we identify core challenges and opportunities.

Sustainable Development

Every transformation provides a significant opportunity for learning, collaboration, and sustainable growth. Our offerings generate valuable insight that elevates the business ecosystem.


With an emphasis on diversity, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, we embrace the future and strive to improve it. By building today, we solve the problems of tomorrow.


We are dedicated to excellence, adhering to a steadfast commitment to deliver innovative business consulting solutions with a client-centric focus.