Audiovisual Media License in Saudi Arabia

The Audiovisual Media license is essential for foreign companies engaging in broadcasting and other audiovisual activities in Saudi
Arabia. Issued by the General Commission for Audiovisual Media (GCAM), this license is mandatory for all entities involved in
producing, distributing, or exhibiting audiovisual content in the Kingdom.

The Importance of the Media
Sector In Saudi Arabia

The current Media and Entertainment industry includes Press, Print media, Digital media, Publishing,
Television, Radio, Advertising, Public Relations, Video Gaming, social media, and more. It is anticipated
that over 300 licensed cinemas will be operational by 2030.

NEOM Media Village

NEOM has introduced a production incentive plan with a cash rebate exceeding 40%. The Media Village and Bajdah Desert Studios are now operational, with three sound stages and seven more planned for Q1 2023.

Promotion Of Quality Content

The Kingdom seeks to regulate audiovisual content production, distribution, and exhibition to promote high-quality material that aligns with Islamic values and complies with local laws and cultural norms.

Meeting International Standards

The Audiovisual Media License aligns with global media regulation standards, boosting the global reputation of the Saudi Arabian media industry. The goal is to attract international investors and media companies, fostering job creation and economic contributions.

Audiovisual Media Licensing
Requirements In Saudi Arabia

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