Activity List

ActivityLicense TypeAll Activities
11101Agricultural Investment LicenseGrain cultivation includes (wheat, barley, yellow and white corn etc.)
11102Agricultural Investment LicenseCultivation of bean crops includes (beans, chickpeas, peas... etc.)
11103Agricultural Investment LicenseCultivation of grain and oilseeds includes (Soya beans, nuts, Sesame seeds... etc.)
11200Agricultural Investment LicenseRice cultivation
11301Agricultural Investment LicenseCultivation of potatoes and sweet potatoes
11302Agricultural Investment LicenseOnion cultivation
11303Agricultural Investment LicenseTomato cultivation
11304Agricultural Investment LicenseCarrot cultivation
11305Agricultural Investment LicenseGarlic cultivation
11306Agricultural Investment LicenseGrowing vegetable in green houses
11307Agricultural Investment LicenseGrowing different kinds of vegetable in open fields
11308Agricultural Investment LicenseAquaculture for production of vegetable
11311Agricultural Investment LicenseGrowing of mushrooms
11400Agricultural Investment LicenseCultivation of sugar cane
11600Agricultural Investment LicenseCultivation of fiber crops includes (cotton, Jute, flax...etc.)
11901Agricultural Investment LicenseFodder cultivation as Lucerne and other animal fodder
11902Agricultural Investment LicenseAromatic plants and flowers (flowers and flower buds)
11903Agricultural Investment LicenseAquaculture for production of flowers
12100Agricultural Investment LicenseCultivation of grapes
12201Agricultural Investment LicensePalm cultivation and dates production
12202Agricultural Investment LicenseFig production
12203Agricultural Investment LicenseMango cultivation
12300Agricultural Investment LicenseCultivation of citrus fruit
12400Agricultural Investment LicenseCultivation of apple seeds and stone fruits includes (apple, Apricot, cherry, peach, pearly, plum...etc.)
12601Agricultural Investment LicenseOlive cultivation
12700Agricultural Investment LicenseCultivation of beverage crops includes (coffee, tea, cocoa... etc.)
12800Agricultural Investment LicenseCultivation of spices, aromatic crops and drug and pharmaceutical crops
13001Agricultural Investment LicenseCultivation of decoration plants and seedlings
13002Agricultural Investment LicenseCultivation of live plants for the purpose of planting and decoration (decoration plants)
13003Agricultural Investment LicenseTissue culture and plant propagation including palm trees
14101Agricultural Investment LicenseRaising of cattle
14102Agricultural Investment LicenseCalves fattening
14300Agricultural Investment LicenseBreeding of camels and similar animals
14401Agricultural Investment LicenseRaising of sheep
14402Agricultural Investment LicenseRaising of goat
14611Agricultural Investment LicenseRaising and production of broiler chickens mothers and the operation of their hatcheries
14612Agricultural Investment LicenseRaising and production of layer chickens mothers and the operation of their hatcheries
14613Agricultural Investment LicenseRaising and production of layer chickens grandmothers and the operation of their hatcheries
14614Agricultural Investment LicenseRaising and production of broiler chickens grandmothers and the operation of their hatcheries
14615Agricultural Investment LicenseEgg production
14616Agricultural Investment LicenseRaising pigeons
14617Agricultural Investment Licensebroilers production
14901Agricultural Investment LicenseBeekeeping and honey production
14902Agricultural Investment LicenseOstrich breeding
14903Agricultural Investment LicenseRabbit farming
14904Agricultural Investment LicensePet keeping and breeding includes (cats, dogs, birds)
14905Agricultural Investment LicenseQuail keeping
15000Agricultural Investment LicenseMixed farming (mixed production of crops and animals without specialized production in crops and animals)
16101Services Investment LicenseAgriculture services, includes (field preparation, crop treatment, harvesting and other agricultural services)
16102Agricultural Investment LicenseRental of agricultural equipment used by worker