Business Solutions

Tailored to Your Growth with ABSCO

Elevate your business endeavors with ABSCO’s specialized and all-encompassing business solutions, designed to cater to your unique needs. Whether you are contemplating the establishment of a new business in Saudi Arabia, expanding your current operations, or seeking guidance on navigating the local market intricacies, our seasoned professionals are dedicated to providing the support you require. Acknowledging the distinct challenges each business encounters, we ensure you are well-informed and develop customized solutions that precisely address your specific needs. Our services span from company formation and registration to government processes, employee management, and ongoing support and advice.

With a wealth of experience and an in-depth understanding of the Saudi Arabian market, ABSCO has been instrumental in helping numerous businesses achieve their goals and cultivate their operations in this dynamic region. Regardless of your business size, whether a burgeoning start-up or a well-established multinational corporation, ABSCO empowers your growth in Saudi Arabia with unparalleled expertise.


Visa and Immigration Services in Saudi Arabia

Recognizing the paramount importance of acquiring the appropriate visa and navigating the immigration process for conducting business in Saudi Arabia, ABSCO offers comprehensive services tailored to meet these essential needs.

Explore our insightful blog for an in-depth understanding of the various Visa Types in Saudi Arabia.

Our specialized visa and immigration services are crafted to assist both companies and individuals in effectively managing the intricate regulations and procedures prevalent in the country.

Business Visit Visa

ABSCO provides expert guidance in procuring business visas for individuals.

Residence Visa

We actively support companies and individuals in securing residence visas, offering comprehensive assistance and ensuring meticulous compliance with local regulations.

Work Permit (Iqama)

ABSCO provides proficient guidance and hands-on assistance in obtaining work permits for foreign national employees.

Company Liquidation

Navigating the intricate process of closing a business requires precision and care. At ABSCO, we understand the challenges and emotional aspects involved in company liquidation, and we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Our expert team is here to assist you in your company closure, avoiding complications and managing all stages of the process to provide you with a secure exit.

Streamlined Business License Cancellation

ABSCO guides you through the entire license cancellation process. We meticulously prepare and submit your application to the relevant authorities in Saudi Arabia, ensuring all necessary documents are included and correctly filled out. Additionally, we guarantee the settlement of any outstanding fees or fines.

Thorough Company Liquidation

Our team at ABSCO will navigate you through the company liquidation process. We collaborate with you to formulate a comprehensive liquidation plan, ensuring adherence to all legal and regulatory requirements.

Post Incorporation

Post-setup operations demand meticulous adherence to Saudi Arabia’s legal framework. ABSCO’s post-incorporation services are instrumental in ensuring the seamless functioning of your company.

This is where our post-incorporation services come in, effectively contributing to the smooth functioning of the company.

PRO Services

We offer support with contract templates, visa processing, Iqama issuance, medical procedures, and expert advice.

HR Services

ABSCO facilitates the post-incorporation phase by assisting in the opening of Saudi bank accounts.

Bank Account Opening

We aid in compliance by sourcing skilled Saudi professionals and ensuring alignment with regulations, from initial registration to acquiring Saudization certificates


As part of our post-setup offerings, ABSCO collaborates with third-party entities to provide modern office spaces with ample amenities.

Office Space

ABSCO extends its expertise to encompass tax consulting and services, providing comprehensive support to MISA entities liable for taxation in Saudi Arabia.

Our Operational Process


Strategy And Planning

We help you decide your entity structure and business activity and guide you about its specific requirements. We keep you well informed about the steps involved in your business setup process.



We facilitate you with your complete company setup process: getting your Investment License, documentation of the Memorandum of Association, issuance of Commercial Registration, opening files and General Director’s Visa.


Bank Account Opening

We assist you with your corporate bank account opening process and guide you through each stage.


Staying Compliant

We provide ongoing support in your post-business setup phase and help you comply with local laws and regulations.