Real Estate License in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has become a focal point for real estate investment, drawing a rising influx of local and global investors to its expanding
property market. This investment influx has fueled growth in the sector, spurring the initiation of new development projects.

The Significance Of The Real Estate
Market In Saudi Arabia

The housing market in the Kingdom is highly dynamic, witnessing a shortage of
affordable homes in various regions. Alongside the residential sector, the
commercial real estate market in Saudi Arabia is on the rise, notably in retail and
hospitality. Recent developments include the construction of new shopping
malls and hotels, with a noticeable uptick in demand for office spaces.


The government has made affordable housing a top priority for Saudi citizens, initiating several programs to tackle the housing shortage. The Sakani housing program, in particular, strives to accommodate over one million Saudi families by 2030.

Commercial Real Estate

Saudi Arabia's commercial real estate industry is experiencing rapid growth, marked by a substantial rise in the demand for office and retail spaces.

Real Estate Finance

SAMA has implemented measures to foster the expansion of the real estate finance sector, including reducing the minimum down payment for mortgages and introducing new mortgage products.


Vision 2030 seeks to enhance tourism, propelling growth in the hospitality and leisure real estate sector. Initiatives like the Red Sea Project and Qiddiya aim to create new tourism destinations.

Real Estate Licensing
Requirements In Saudi Arabia

This license is provided to foreign companies in the property field if:
-The project total cost, including land and construction, should be
at least 30 million Saudi riyals.
-The investment is established outside the cities of Macca And Medina

Real Estate Licensing