Printing and Publishing License in Saudi Arabia

The Printing and Publishing license is granted to foreign companies intending to engage in printing and publishing activities within
Saudi Arabia.

Significance Of The Printing And Publishing
Market In Saudi Arabia

The trade sector in Saudi Arabia presents a wealth of opportunities for
businesses, making it an excellent destination for investment and growth.

Economic Contribution

The printing and publishing industry plays a substantial role in the Saudi Arabian economy. In 2020, the Saudi paper and paperboard packaging market was valued at US$ 1,926.3 million. It is anticipated to experience a 4.2% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2021 to 2026, reaching US$ 2,508.4 million by 2026. This growth surpasses that of many global markets, with emerging markets expected to surpass growth in other regions.

Cultural Preservation

The Saudi printing and publishing industry is essential for preserving the Kingdom's cultural heritage by producing diverse publications on history, religion, and literature.

Religious Publications

As the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia's publishing industry is renowned for producing numerous religious works, including the Holy Quran, Islamic books, and scholarly writings on Islamic theology and jurisprudence.


Saudi Arabia's printing and publishing sector is crucial for the education sector, producing textbooks, workbooks, and other educational materials for schools and universities across the country.

Licensing Requirements For Printing And
Publishing License In Saudi Arabia

Printing and Publishing License