Commercial License in Saudi Arabia

For any business eyeing operations in Saudi Arabia, securing a commercial license is a pivotal step in granting legal authorization for
commercial activities within the country.

Importance Of Trade Sector
In Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia trade sector presents abundant opportunities for businesses,
positioning the country as a prime destination for investment and growth.

Feature of the Saudi Economy

With a well-developed infrastructure and abundant natural resources, Saudi Arabia is the largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The trade sector significantly contributes to the country’s economic prowess, focusing on both domestic and international trade.

Supportive Government

The Saudi government actively promotes and supports the trade sector, offering various measures to attract businesses in industries such as retail, wholesale, import-export, and e-commerce. Explore our blog for insights into Government Entities and Online Portals Dealing with importing and Selling in Saudi Arabia.

Growing Population

With a youthful and expanding population, Saudi Arabia provides a substantial market for consumer goods, presenting an ideal environment for businesses to invest and thrive.

Ideal Location For Trade

Positioned strategically at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia, Saudi Arabia is the epicenter of global trade routes. Its proximity to a fast-growing region with over 424 million consumers makes it a hub for regional trade.

Free Trade Agreements

The Kingdom has inked free trade agreements with GAFTA, EFTA, and Singapore, further enhancing its attractiveness for international businesses.

Commercial Licensing
Requirements In Saudi Arabia

Recognizing the vital role of commercial activities, Saudi Arabia encourages foreign investors to engage in wholesale and retail trade with specific guidelines. ABSCO streamlines the process of obtaining a commercial license, providing businesses with the legal authority to operate in the country and unlock a spectrum of benefits. For the commercial license, there are two varieties:

100% Foreign Commercial License

Commercial License With Saudi Shareholder