Industrial License in Saudi Arabia

An industrial license in Saudi Arabia allows companies to partake in industrial activities and manufacture products within the country,
covering heavy and light industries and transformative industries.

Importance Of Industrial Sector
In Saudi Arabia

The trade sector in Saudi Arabia presents a wealth of opportunities for
businesses, making it an excellent destination for investment and growth.

Economic Diversification

TThe government actively pursues economic diversification away from reliance on oil exports, with the industrial sector playing a pivotal role in generating new revenue streams and employment opportunities.

The National Industrial Development And Logistics Program (NIDLP)

This aims to establish Saudi Arabia as a leading industrial powerhouse and a global logistics center.

Value-Added Production

The industrial sector empowers the nation to enhance the value of its natural resources by transforming raw materials into finished goods.

Industrial Cities In Saudi Arabia

Managed by the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON), 36 industrial cities in the kingdom host over 3,500 factories. MODON offers various advantages, services, and incentives to attract investments from the GCC, Arab, and international markets to Saudi Arabia. Explore more about industrial cities in Saudi Arabia through MODON.

Industrial Licensing
Requirements In Saudi Arabia

Industrial Licensing